Your everyday life, made easier and safer

Our mission at Teleste is to make your everyday life easier and safer when you are on public places or using public transport. On the below video you can see how our passionate professionals do it.

Telestians around the world join their forces every day to be the best partner for our customers within the public sector as well as public transport. Together we are building smart, safe and smooth living environments and services for the needs of today’s urban society and citizens.

These are the targets that we share and hold dear:

  • Safety and security for people in public places & transportation
  • Efficient and smooth flow of both people and traffic
  • Green mobility – technologies for sustainable and environmentally friendly public transport
  • Digitalisation – smart, personalised services and mobile applications
  • New innovations and technologies that drive the networked society

Our solutions and technologies secure your safety in cities, such as Paris and Stockholm, and improve situational awareness in public transport systems such as the Helsinki metro. In addition, you can see the results of our work in hundreds of trains, trams, metros, and stations, which are used every day by tens of thousands of passengers in Europe and North America.

Looking into future, we can see that our work is meaningful. Rapid urbanisation highlights the need for public security and drives the demand of public transportation together with the growing environmental concerns. High-speed data communication networks and wireless solutions enable real-time sharing of information and the emergence of new, digital services that turn our cities smart. With continuous innovation, the foundations for smart, safe and smooth future is on our task list from design board to implementation.

We invite you to join us! Please take a moment to comment below what kinds of digital services you would like to use in future when on public places or using public transport.

If you wish to check out our offering, please continue to read more about our video security, situational awareness and public transport solutions.

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