In our digital society, safety is increasingly a matter of trust

Our modern digital society offers us opportunities which we could have only dreamed of some years ago. At the same time, however, it poses also threats and concerns upon us, especially when it comes to new digital technologies capable of gathering, combining, and storing vast amounts of data, some of which can be qualified as private or personal information.

The concepts of security and safety in public places and in public transport are of strategic interest to Teleste. While security typically means being protected from harm caused by deliberate actions, such as crime or violence, safety is our individual perception of being protected from non-intentional harmful events, such as traffic accidents or infectious diseases. It has both emotional and physical attributes.

Trust has started to emerge as an important topic in safety management. Video surveillance & security solutions, which have become very commonplace in our modern society, can be viewed from two angles in this context: At best they are perceived as a trusted service which helps individuals feel genuinely safe in their living environment. At worst they can be perceived as an intrusion to personal privacy and freedom.

Our mission is to “make your everyday life smart, safe and smooth”. In a trusted way.

A growing number of people have learned to appreciate the safety aspect of being “on camera” in public places. This appreciation, however, is associated with a feeling of trust towards the authority which is responsible for the surveillance. If there is no trust, the perception can be opposite.

In line with our corporate responsibility, Teleste is committed to honest, transparent and reliable business, in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. Harnessed with latest cyber security technologies, modern, well-designed video-surveillance systems feature powerful tools for tackling data security and privacy issues. These solutions lay a sound technical foundation for “trust-based safety” systems for the use of public authorities and public transport. This way we do our important part in ensuring the safety and security of citizens in our modern society.

Our mission is to “make your everyday life smart, safe and smooth”. In a trusted way.

Esa Harju

Esa Harju

I am the CEO of Teleste Corporation since January 1, 2022.

Until the end of 2021 I was the global head of Teleste’s Video Security and Information business unit, leading the team that is passionate about intelligent passenger information systems, as well as solutions for safety and operational control for public infrastructures.  See my LinkedIn for more information.

At Teleste,our mission is to make your everyday life smart, safe and smooth.

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