Looking ahead from 5GRAIL – Advancing railway communications and safety in public transport

Reflecting on the conclusion of the 5GRAIL project in late 2023, we acknowledge its profound impact on railway safety, especially the safety of the passengers and operational efficiency through FRMCS adoption. Teleste, a key player, led advancements in CCTV applications, leveraging 5G protocols.

The 5GRAIL project, funded by the EU and spanning three years, focused on verifying and validating the new 5G-based standard known as the Future Railway Mobile Communication System (FRMCS), aiming to propel railway telecommunication to the next generation. Led by the UIC (Union Internationale Des Chemins De Fer), the project included major railway infrastructure manufacturers like Deutsche Bahn, SNCF, Alstom, CAF, Siemens, Kontron, Nokia, Thales, and Teleste.

Harnessing 5GRAIL’s legacy for future innovations

5GRAIL played a pivotal role in establishing global standards for railway communications, propelling Teleste in CCTV technology. The integration of 5G technology and standardized interfaces improves real-time video surveillance, fortifying security measures, and enhancing operational efficiency for the railway operators and safety of the passengers.

Pioneering post-5GRAIL innovations

Teleste commits to advancing safety and operational capabilities through research and development. This includes exploring advanced video analytics, AI applications, and operational technologies, aiming to redefine industry benchmarks and enhance operational efficiency and passenger safety.

Embracing collaborative approaches for future industry advancement

Post-5GRAIL, collaboration with industry partners remains paramount to ensure seamless FRMCS adoption. This fosters innovation, addresses challenges, and lays the foundation for a future railway landscape characterized by security, operational efficiency and safety of the passengers.

Charting the future of railway communications and safety

5GRAIL’s success and Teleste’s innovation envision a future with safer, more efficient railway operations integrated with the latest digital advancements, ensuring a sustainable railway ecosystem.

Dr. Jani Väre

Dr. Jani Väre

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