Quick look – “HIPE: Human-technology interoperability and artificial emotional intelligence”

Teleste has a long history with various research projects, especially those funded by Business Finland. Currently, we are participating in a Business Finland-funded co-innovation project called Human-technology interoperability and artificial emotional intelligence (HIPE). The project focuses on the realm of human-technology interaction, aiming to leverage the power of AI and emotional intelligence to advance state-of-the-art technologies. The groundbreaking initiative has implications for various verticals.

The HIPE project consortium consists of six companies, including Helvar, ISKU, Framery, Ambientia, Mall of Tripla, and Teleste, along with two research organizations: the University of Lapland and the Finnish Technical Research Centre (VTT). The members share the common goal of creating emotionally aware, intelligent, and integrated services that that cater to the demands and expectations of today’s users. By utilising artificial intelligence to interpret biosignals and motion data, these services have the potential to understand human behaviour and emotions in various everyday settings such as work, school, public spaces and interactions with technology.

In the project, Teleste focusses especially on personalized passenger information, safety, and security. We are exploring possibilities to enhance passenger information systems in order to adapt to individual needs and emotional states of public transport users, thereby providing them with personalised information. Through the analysis of emotional cues, such as facial recognition, speech analysis, and physiological sensing, the emotionally aware systems can comprehend passengers’ reactions and customise the delivery of information accordingly. The objective is to offer more precise passenger information across public transport networks, whether through displays, announcements, or the onboard crew.

Another area of focus for us is human-technology interaction and its potential to enhance situational awareness in public safety and security. By incorporating emotional recognition and understanding into safety and security systems, we can detect, for example, signs of distress or discomfort in passengers, enabling the provision of situation-specific information to alleviate those feelings. Additionally, emotional intelligence can aid in accurately identifying individuals who may pose a potential threat to others. In situations where safety is compromised, such as accidents or security threats, this can enhance the use of situational awareness systems to promptly alert authorities, give guidance to proactive measures, initiate appropriate emergency responses, and ensure passenger well-being.

The HIPE project presents a great opportunity for Teleste to investigate state-of-the-art technologies and develop future platforms. The project offers a fresh and innovative perspective on how passenger experiences can be shaped in public transportation systems. By understanding and responding to passengers’ emotions, customised information can be provided, and proactive safety measures can be implemented with greater accuracy. Moreover, it enables the creation of a passenger-centric environment that prioritizes safety and security throughout the entire journey.

While we embrace emotionally intelligent systems, it remains crucial to address legal and ethical considerations pertaining to privacy, data security, and responsible use of emotional data. As we embark on a journey towards closer human-technology interaction, there are numerous exciting steps ahead, and it is essential to undertake them while keeping the legal and ethical aspects of service innovations, measurement technologies and research processes in mind. As a result, we aim to meet the needs of today’s “always online” citizens whose service expectations often surpass what current technologies can offer.

Dr. Jani Väre

Dr. Jani Väre

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