Software fueling the future of public transport

In 2019, there are several megatrends fueling the demand for safe and intelligent public transport. Changes in living environments and available technologies are perhaps revealing some new challenges that need solving, but they also offer many exciting opportunities for innovation and smart public transport services.

Urbanization and digitally connected cities

People are moving in increasing amounts to large cities, which has made the concept of smart and digitally connected cities a major trend in our market. This growing urbanization, in turn, highlights the importance of safety in public urban environments. Partially due to some unfortunate incidents in recent years, people have an increased need for a better sense of safety in their daily lives, especially in large urban environments.

There is a growing appreciation of and demand for technology that can provide this sense of safety – even while some people are, and rightly so, concerned about their individual privacy.

In addition to safety, environmental and ecological thinking is strongly on the rise. People are becoming increasingly conscious of the choices they are making in their daily lives. There is also a growing need for intelligent passenger information systems, as well as for solutions that can provide operational control and safety in public places. In other words, people are expecting to navigate through their daily lives in a safe, smooth, and efficient manner.

Public transport industry faces a challenge

The quickly changing face of urban environments and public transport systems demands fresh ideas and new solutions. However, in our public transport industry, we are still on the learning curve when it comes to truly leveraging some of the new technologies that are available. The Internet, digitalization, the cloud, artificial intelligence, and deep learning are not just buzzwords, but instead they are technologies that can be harnessed to truly add value in the public transport industry.

I would claim that, traditionally, this industry has been quite hardware-centric. While that side of the puzzle remains very important, the most ground-breaking innovations are now coming from software and the aforementioned new technologies.

Solutions at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit

In June, 2019, the international public transport community, mobility decision-makers and industry suppliers will all come together in Stockholm for the Global Public Transport Summit. It is undoubtedly one of the most important events in the field of public transport this year.

Among many other players, Teleste will have a strong presence at the summit. As an exhibitor, we are showcasing a wide range of products and solutions for a safe, smart, and smooth future. These range from end-to-end on-board systems for train manufacturers to intelligent display solutions, passenger information software, and video security solutions.

Esa Harju

Esa Harju

I am the CEO of Teleste Corporation since January 1, 2022.

Until the end of 2021 I was the global head of Teleste’s Video Security and Information business unit, leading the team that is passionate about intelligent passenger information systems, as well as solutions for safety and operational control for public infrastructures.  See my LinkedIn for more information.

At Teleste,our mission is to make your everyday life smart, safe and smooth.

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