A small kit that made a big difference

Together with one of our biggest customers in Norway, we developed a FTTH fibre outlet with a slidable cover and click-on wall fastener that help make installation easier and faster than before.

Customer need

As a fibre-to-the-home provider, Altibox and some of our other customers in Norway wished to streamline their operations and make installing the fibre cabling easier in homes. They were looking for a new type of fibre wall outlet, which would allow quick and convenient installation in the premises – and which would look well-designed and sleek in the customers’ living rooms. In addition to making installation smoother and more efficient, the wall outlet was to be safe and reliable in use.

Solution to customer’s need

Together with one of our biggest customers in Norway, Teleste’s Norwegian subsidiary Flomatik developed a FTTH fibre outlet with a slidable cover and click-on wall fastener that help make installation easier and faster than before. The outlet comes in a handy installation kit that includes the outlet and its bracket, together with patchcords and a pigtail. In other words, the kit includes everything needed for mounting the outlet and connecting signal from network to a customer modem.

The design of the outlet and kit was made up from the practical requirements of our employees and the needs of Altibox’s installers.

Benefits achieved

Altibox has more than 400,000 connected homes, and, as every home is equipped with a fibre wall outlet, improving the installation work has a great impact on the service delivery process. Not only can it help in reducing the installer’s workload, it also makes the deployment of services faster and more convenient for the customers by cutting down the time the installers need to spend at each home.

The new outlet features a smart connector protection cover, which prevents removing the patchcords when the cover slides down. The sliding cover improves safety and prevents damage caused by accidently pulling out the optical connectors. The outlet also has a compact design which makes it suitable for swift and easy wall mounting.

However, the true secret of its user-friendly installation is the bracket which can be added in the wall before the wall outlet.

Using the bracket allows the installer to hold the wall outlet and splice the fibres before clicking the outlet into the bracket. The feature makes the work truly handy compared to traditional outlet installations, where the splicing of fibres is carried out in the limited available space after the outlet is mounted.

Utilizing the installation kit even improves logistics and warehousing as the kit is easy to handle and store.  It ensures that everything needed for each assignment is readily available for the installers, and there is no need to collect all necessary items separately for each assignment.

Altibox’s installers in the field have given the wall outlet and the kit a warm welcome. It now takes less time to carry out a single installation assignment, and there is more time to assist the customers and perform the actual work.  A small kit has indeed made a big difference.