All-IP solution to Paral·lel Hotel in Spain

In cooperation with Samsung and the local system integrator Axel Tecnologia, Teleste offered the Paral·lel hotel quick and easy deployment of fibre-level broadband services utilizing the existing TV coaxial cabling in the building.

The Paral·lel Hotel is located just a short stroll from the port and beach area of the city of Barcelona in Spain. The hotel has 64 guest rooms and it provides its guests with services such as a business centre, free Wi-Fi and satellite TV.

Customer need

The hotel was looking for an easy-to-install, low maintenance solution to provide their customers with seamless Internet services and a rich choice of TV channels in the guest rooms. A major requirement for the project was to avoid major renovation work in the building, which made rewiring the hotel for data services a less desirable option.

Solution to customer’s need

In cooperation with Samsung and the local system integrator Axel Tecnologia, Teleste offered the Paral·lel hotel quick and easy deployment of fibre-level broadband services utilizing the existing TV coaxial cabling in the building. The solution is ideal for hotels as it enables fast and reliable TV and data services, such as HDTV, IPTV, telephony and high-speed Internet, for each guest room and makes it possible to establish Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the entire hotel.  Lan-Out port on the HTV itself provides IP connection to external IP devices or casting devices (Chromecast ultra) in the rooms which require LAN cable as well.

By reclaiming the unused capacity of the existing TV cabling, the All-IP solution enables easy and fast deployment for an affordable cost:  all that is needed at the premises are one of Teleste’s DOCSIS Access Hub (DAH) mini-CMTS, capable of serving the entire hotel, and Samsung HE694 Hospitality TVs (with a DOCSIS modem in-built) in the guest rooms. As TV channels and data are provided to the guest room TVs by utilizing the coaxial cabling that is already in place, the solution can be installed without major renovations and repairs in the building.

The DAH mini-CMTS in a nutshell:

  • Capacity of 960 Mbps downstream and 160 Mbps upstream
  • 16 downstream and 4 upstream channels
  • Remote configuration and management
  • Advanced management tools allowing free capacity allocation
  • Based on the proven and reliable DOCSIS technology
  • One device is capable of serving up to 400 guest rooms with high-speed broadband connectivity

The DAH features an easy-to-use graphical user interface that makes the installation and management quick and easy. It offers ‘plug and leave’ functionality: just plug in the device and you can leave. The DAH automatically configures the system with the Samsung HE964 Hospitality TVs within the same system.

In addition, the amount of hardware in the system is minimized as there is no need for separate cable modems in guest rooms or for an external PC server to manage the service.

Benefits achieved
  • As today’s hotel guests are looking for a home away from home with their choice of channels and media, the guests in the Paral·lel Hotel can now enjoy high-speed Internet services as well as greatly improved TV signal on all channels during their stay.
  • Launching the service was quick and easy with minimal disturbance to the hotel guests. There was no need for costly, time-consuming and disruptive construction work to rewire the building and, as the result, 95% of the guest rooms were connected to the service during one work day.
  • The amount of hardware in guest rooms is minimized with no other devices than the TV set in each room, which helps avoiding future compatibility issues and gives more freedom in guest-room design.
  • Based on the proven DOCSIS technology, the system is stable and reliable in operation.

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