Teleste’s Remote PHY device caters to the needs of VodafoneZiggo’s DOCSIS ecosystem

VodafoneZiggo is a Dutch company offering fixed, mobile, and integrated communication and entertainment services to consumers and businesses. The successful interoperability tests conducted by the company in the field with Teleste’s DAN3 Remote PHY device (RPD) represent a significant milestone and underscore the maturity and advantages of open Distributed Access technology.

To maintain our commitment to seamless, high-quality broadband services, we sought a solution that seamlessly integrates with our existing DOCSIS ecosystem. Teleste’s DAN3 RPD proved to be a viable option, keeping us on track for a robust, flexible, and future-proof network roll out in scale, setting us apart in a competitive market and keeping our subscribers satisfied.

John Louwerse, Domain Architect HFC for VodafoneZiggo

VodafoneZiggo setup


  • Third-party DOCSIS Principal Core orchestrating the setup
  • DAN3 Remote PHY device offering full spectrum DOCSIS 3.1 performance
  • Auxiliary third-party video core for traditional broadcasting


  • Full interoperability between DAN3 and the third-party DOCSIS Principal Core
  • With an auxiliary third-party video core integrated, video services will run over the DAN3
  • A new embedded software image for the DAN3 catered for specific needs of VodafoneZiggo

Vendor-independent Distributed Access technology

Teleste’s Distributed Access technology is seamlessly interoperable with all major CMTS and CCAP cores, whether virtual or traditional. This means that operators can be confident that our RPDs will perform flawlessly when integrated in a network using any major DOCSIS system. Such interoperability guarantees continuous operation of the RPDs even when switching the CCAP core vendor, offering flexibility that license-locked RPDs typically lack.

Safeguarding infrastructure investments

For Teleste’s RPD customers, the high level of interoperability brings security against infrastructure changes or, for example, potential logistics and supply chain issues. Our customers can freely switch their CCAP core providers and incorporate Teleste RPDs as complementary Remote PHY solution to mitigate risks without compromising network integrity. This strategic approach not only ensures that networks are future-proof but also safeguards operators’ infrastructure investments and enhances the efficiency of large-scale network deployments. Top of Form

DAN3 – Rewarded Remote PHY node

DAN3 is Teleste’s remote PHY node that is desig­ned and optimized for distributed access networks where compact device size is paramount. Offering a flexible alternative for operators eager to build networks having substantially higher capacity, the node ensures an ultra-fast, robust, and reliable Internet experience for broadband users. In parallel, the DAN3 also provides excellent services for traditional broadcast TV customers.

The DAN3 has a single downstream and up to two upstream segments and it can be equipped with one 1×1 or 1×2 remote PHY modules. The 1×2 module supports 1×1 configuration that can be upgraded to 1×2 remotely if a capacity extension is needed later on. This makes the DAN3 a future-proof investment for operators who are looking for a reliable solution for network transformations. This excellent Remote PHY node was recognized among the best in the industry by the 2023 Broadband Technology Report’s Diamond Technology Reviews.