Turnkey project for network upgrade with fibre nodes

A turnkey project including planning, project management and supplying products for replacing fiber nodes with new ones in the city of Graz for UPC Austria, part of Liberty Global Inc., the leading international cable company with operations in 13 countries.

Teleste supplied nearly hundred AC8800 fiber nodes with two optical transmitters in a turnkey project including planning and project management.

Customer need

Liberty Global, the owner of UPC cable TV business, engaged Teleste to install new fiber nodes in UPC networks on a Pan-European basis. The main driver was the need to be able to provide first class TV and data services to subscribers with high quality of service. Increasing number of HD services require higher network capacity, and UPC had also an objective to provide upgraded broadband services in the future. In addition, the company seeks to reduce operational expenses by cutting down power consumption with more energy efficient fiber nodes. The first project to carry out was a turnkey project for UPC Austria in Graz.

Solution to customer’s need

Teleste was given the responsibility to manage the entire project including network planning, product supply, logistics and installation of equipment to street cabins. After only five weeks, the project was successfully completed by handing over the project documentation and appropriately disposing all the old network equipment. As a result, the network of UPC Austria in Graz was updated with nearly hundred of the Teleste AC8800 fiber nodes with DOCSIS transponders. The requirement for redundancy and uninterrupted service was tackled by a two optical transmitters in the AC8800. The new equipment enables UPC Austria to increase energy efficiency in operations, reduce network segment size and shift from 866 MHz to 1 GHz.

Benefits achieved
  • All services including management, planning, product supply and installation from one company
  • smaller network segments and wider broadband range result to better performance and quality
  • Cut down on operational costs
  • Project completed successfully in five weeks
Customer comments / quotation

The upgrade project has resulted in considerable improvement in HF performance. The higher stage modulation (QAM64/6,4MHz) will enable us to provide our subscribers with even greater broadband ranges in the future. An important aspect of the renovation work was of course also our guaranteed service provision — and the transmission quality. Thanks to the redundant fiber optic infrastructure, the UPC Austria network in Graz is now one of the most modern networks. Further projects are already being planned.

Franz Baumgarten, senior director of network engineering and project manager for the UPC Austria project