Video surveillance for a group of twenty (G20) leaders’ summit, in Brisbane, Australia

G20 Conference

Video surveillance for a group of twenty (G20) leaders’ summit, in Brisbane, Australia.

In November 2014, Brisbane hosted the Group of Twenty (G20) Leaders Summit, the principal forum for international economic cooperation and decision-making. Over the days of the event, Brisbane became the capital city of the world, with leaders from the world’s most influential economies gathering in the city. As part of the State Government requirement to ensure a safe and secure event, Teleste VMX Video Management System was the chosen video management solution to control and display numerous security cameras from disparate public space CCTV systems across the Brisbane CBD. The ability of the VMX to integrate disparate systems onto a single display platform for use by operators via the user interface was a highly desirable requirement.

Customer need
  • The ability for the VMX Video Management System to receive direct video input of the ‘free-to-air’ television stations via the Teleste Luminato System enabled the customer to manage free- to-air commercial television stations’ live feeds via the VMX Video Management System user interface and enabled the operators to manage the safety and security of the public visitors, and to co-ordinate the authorities in conjunction with the existing security cameras located around the Brisbane CBD.
  • The video management system had to be built to a high degree of reliability, redundancy and integration whilst maintaining the minimum standards in video quality.
  • One of the key criteria was to create a public monitoring system based on open architecture and industry standard protocols to ensure future proofing for other major event planning thus enabling a better return on investment for the customer.
  • The customer declared early in the project planning that to have a successful project, the ability to provide 3rd party integration of analogue, standards-based IP cameras and disparate CCTV systems was a key objective. The decision to select the Teleste VMX Video Management System was pivotal in achieving the objective as the interface ability and flexibility requirements required a high level of system engineering and planning management.
Solution to customer’s need
  • With numerous operators in the Control Room, the Teleste VMX Video Management System provided multiple video wall displays, totalling over 60 separate monitors, representing one of the largest video wall installations in Australia.
  • The Teleste HDMI 1080p MCC201 encoder was the enabler to displaying third party CCTV systems and corporate computers on a common platform, thus providing a transparent operating platform for various types of video input sources from alternative third party systems.
  • The core system is based on VMX 6.0, with high-redundancy servers.
  • The Luminato is interfaced into VMX to provide a drag-and-drop facility for operators to select ‘free-to-air’ television channels alongside regular CCTV cameras onto any tile/monitor.
  • The Teleste equipment was delivered through Australian partner company Optical Solutions Australia (OSA).
  • Aerial camera feeds are fed via RF devices to MCC encoders, thus providing mobile visibility of areas of interest.
  • Segmentation of other Qld Police sites into the core VMX system increases the monitoring capability onto the video walls.
  • The installation of Intel NUC’s with third-party CCTV applications allows the VMX system to drag-and-drop cameras from other organisations onto the video wall via MCC HDMI encoders.
  • Various corporate PCs are connected to the VMX system via MCC encoders to allow desktop displays to be dragged onto the video wall.
  • Multiple web access clients allows select personnel to access the CCTV images via BYOD devices in a controlled manner.
  • In excess of 60 wall-mounted monitors (ranging from 50” to 84”) are controlled from X-Receivers, resulting in nine separate video wall locations.