A video surveillance system for security and process monitoring in Helsinki airport, Finland

Helsinki Airport – Finavia

A video surveillance system for security and process monitoring in Helsinki airport, Finland

Finavia is a state-owned enterprise with 21 airports in Finland. Helsinki Airport is the largest airport in Finland and a major gateway between Europe and Asia due to its excellent geographical location.

Finavia upgraded Helsinki Airport’s video surveillance system to the Teleste S-VMX solution in 2017. The target was to set up a state-of-the-art surveillance system that can meet today’s high safety and security demands. In the upgrade, improving operational efficiency to support Finavia’s development plans for Helsinki Airport was also taken into account. In the future, the system that is now deployed will roughly double its size to cover some 3000 security cameras.

The system includes support for different main operation centres, such as the surveillance centre, apron monitoring centre, luggage handling centre and the air traffic control tower. In order to support efficient workflow at the airport, the video surveillance system is integrated into other systems, including the baggage handling system. It can also receive alarms from other security systems, such as from access control. In addition, the system allows sharing footage from surveillance cameras to external users including the boarder guard, customs, airlines and other stakeholders.

We have been very satisfied with the Teleste video surveillance system. The system is simple for operators to handle and integration with other systems such as access control and luggage control systems has greatly improved work efficiency at Helsinki-Vantaa airport. We can now serve our customers, such as airlines, better through flexible viewing of videos when needed. Teleste video surveillance system also enhances aviation safety and security and smoothens cooperation between different stake holders in the airport.

– Mr Ari Kumara, Head of Airport Security, Helsinki Airport.
Customer need
  • Flexible and scalable video surveillance system that can meet the evolving system requirements of the future.
  • Integration of the video surveillance system with other systems, such as the baggage handling system and access control system.
  • Easy way to share videos with other stakeholders at the airport.
  • Centralized system administration and flexible administration of external users.
  • Easy-to-use software for the personnel.
  • Efficient use of network capacity.
  • Cost-effective video surveillance system in the long run.
Solution to customer’s need

Teleste’s video and information management system met all of the technical and functional criteria set by Finavia. With the S-VMX, the Helsinki Airport video surveillance system today supports the following features and functionalities:

  • The system integrates multiple networks: Finavia’s operational network at Helsinki Airport (with no separate CCTV network), a multi-vendor Gigabit Ethernet network and the separate networks of external users.
  • Redundancy, i.e. the system is not vulnerable to the failure of one component, e.g. redundant servers.
  • Integration with the luggage control and access control system – additional types of integration are optionally available.
  • High-quality, low-latency video for internal users and web-based video viewing for external users (e.g. airlines).
  • Centralized and flexible user-rights management with user-specific GUI views (the GUI is set according to the user and their needs).
  • An open and scalable video management system.
  • Multicasting.
  • Standards-based technologies, creating a future-proof solution.
  • Figures and facts:
    • There are more than 1500 cameras (and the number is expanding).
    • Centralized recording.
    • Over 25 clients (operator stations with GUI and SW decoding).
    • 4 surveillance centres.
    • 4 surveillance points.
    • Multiple external stakeholders.