Securing the safety of people in Logan City, Australia.

Logan City Council – Citywide Safety Camera Program

Securing the safety of people in Logan City, Australia.

The project has been carried out with cooperation between the Logan City Council, Webb Australia, Teleste, Optical Solutions Australia and Pride Security. The video security system has been built using Teleste S-VMX. The Teleste S-VMX system provides video surveillance across the city, stationed in shopping and service precincts, train stations, bus interchanges, parks and other thoroughfares. The system commenced in 2015.

The City of Logan is a local government area in South East Queensland, Australia. The city is divided into 64 suburbs and 12 divisions, which elect a Councillor. Logan is ideally located between Brisbane, Ipswich and the Gold Coast, and has easy
access to the national highway and rail networks. Logan is home to more than 305,000 people from more than 215 different cultures. Logan is also a very young city, with around 50 per cent of residents aged 30 or younger. Logan is one of the largest and fastest-growing cities in Australia. The Logan City Council, a progressive leader in local government, provides community services and facilities to its residents.

Optical Solutions Australia is a supplier to the fibre optics industry, and the distribution partner of Teleste Corporation Australia. They are distributors of a select collection of products from the world’s leading manufacturers, as well as their own manufactured items.

Customer need
  • To provide an easy-to-use citywide video surveillance system for Logan City Council’s Safety Camera Program.
  • To enhance residents’ safety and reduce crimes.
  • To design and implement a state-of-theart technology CCTV control centre.
  • To acquire a tool for prevention and detection of crime and anti-social behaviour.
  • To guarantee system scalability and flexibility in the future by using open standards technology.
  • To deliver a reliable and future-proof system, suitable for current and future requirements.
Solution to customer’s need

The current system is now in stage 1, having access to approximately 300 cameras across the city. The next stages will result in federating remote sites and mobile CCTV systems for rapid deployment. Some footage from Logan City cameras can already be beamed directly to officers at the Beenleigh, Browns Plains and Logan Central police stations.

The Logan City solution includes the following key elements:

S-VMX Video Management System with

  • S-VMX Video Walls providing real time monitoring to 20 monitors.
  • S-VMX Stream Reflector allowed for the CCTV images to be streamed to external mobile devices.
  • Operator functionality that included GIS mapping features, with multiple permission based operator logins and a hierarchy of control.
  • Transmission equipment including Teleste MCC series encoders which were used for drag and drop corporate computers onto the video wall.
  • Integration of 300+ cameras. The existing analogue cameras are fed through Teleste video encoders fully integrated in S-VMX platform.

The mobile safety camera travels across the city to key locations and events to assist in addressing transient crime and antisocial behaviour in public spaces.

Teleste has delivered the following equipment:

  • S-VMX Servers
  • S-VMX NVRs
  • S-VMX Web Clients
  • MCC series encoders
  • 3rd party switches from various vendors
  • IP cameras

The Teleste equipment was delivered through Australian partner company Optical Solutions Australia (OSA).

Benefits achieved

During the 12 months (to March 2015), about 2700 “incidents” were captured on the CCTV cameras monitored by the system. This included crimes in progress, welfare cases, suicide prevention, persons under the influence and traffic accidents amongst many.

Further benefits:

  • Able to directly connect to other Web enabled systems to provide an umbrella platform for a unified monitoring system.
  • The system provides for full situational awareness by visualisation of multi-system information in the same GUI and Video Wall.
  • Allows for the ability to react to any situation with the full capability of any integrated system. The system was affordable and application independent.
  • User-friendly technology with clear and homogenous user interfaces provide authorised officers access to live videos and recordings with indexed data and time-stamps.
  • Duty reports and event management are supported with additional tools.
  • The system is capable of secure remote access to live video using your iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile devices.