Teleste at ANGA COM DIGITAL: Introducing new nodes for distributed access networks

Turku, Finland –  3 June 2021 –  Teleste introduces two new high-performance nodes to complement the company’s offering of devices for distributed access networks. With distributed access deployments gradually growing in the cable industry, the devices, the AC9400 node and the DAN3 RPD, have been designed to enable a smooth technology transition for operators currently advancing their roadmap of next-generation broadband services.

DAN3 RPD: Smart and segmentable node for deep fibre networks and MDU environments

DAN3 is our compact Remote PHY node that is designed and optimised for deep fibre networks and MDU environments. Meeting the CableLabs® specifications, it ensures interoperability between core solutions from different CCAP vendors without requiring specialized development or back-office upgrades.

The DAN3 RPD supports full spectrum downstream capacity up to 1.2 GHz and it has a single downstream and two upstream segments. This allow operators to operate the node in the 1×1 mode with a 1×2 RPD module installed, and enable the 1×2 mode later when the needs for upstream capacity grow. A configuration change between 1×1 and 1×2 modes can be done remotely without visiting the site.

The high-performing DAN3 introduces an elegant design in a compact housing, making it an ideal solution for installations where high performance and small size are paramount.

AC9400 Remote PHY Ready node: Support for upcoming infrastructure upgrades

AC9400 is an intelligent, DOCSIS® 3.1 capable node that supports the Remote PHY upgrade with a separate RPD lid that ensures interoperability with different CCAP cores.

The innovative technology is familiar  from Teleste’s previously launched optical nodes, and it has been designed with operational flexibility and smooth technology migration in mind. With the AC9400, operators will be able to benefit from excellent fibre node capabilities today, and securely switch to distributed access solutions when needed. Also, RF overlay is possible for both signal directions in the RPD operation. 

The AC9400 node can be equipped with a transponder module, which allows full remote monitoring and control of all node parameters. The transponder unit measures the forward and return path signal levels and enables the automatic downstream and upstream alignment function. This makes the node an excellent fit for networks where future-proof operation is desired in terms of both network architecture and ensured quality of services for subscribers.

We invite you to learn more about our distributed access solutions at ANGA COM DIGITAL, 8-10 June. Our team will be available for further discussion via  our digital showroom during the show. To connect with us, register for the event and enter the digital platform.

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