Teleste signs a Master Supply Agreement with a prominent operator in North America, initiating the era of intelligent 1.8 GHz networks

TURKU, FINLAND – 26 February 2024 – Teleste is pleased to announce that it has signed a Master Supply Agreement with a prominent operator customer (“Customer”) in North America. Under the terms of the agreement, Teleste has received volume orders for intelligent 1.8 GHz ICON amplifiers, all equipped with advanced telemetry capabilities enabled by transponders. Commencing in February 2024, these landmark deliveries signify the rise of intelligent cable network technology in North America, as these amplifiers are designed not only to revolutionize network performance and enable seamless DOCSIS 4.0 rollouts, but also to unleash considerable efficiencies in terms of service quality and network operational costs.

In cable networks, the DOCSIS 4.0 infrastructure will enable 10 Gbps broadband speeds and new digital experiences to consumers and businesses. The main advantages of the DOCSIS technology for cable MSOs are fast and cost-efficient network deployments based on utilizing the existing coaxial cabling. Teleste’s fully DOCSIS 4.0 compliant 1.8 GHz amplifiers allow the Customer to leverage these advancements while also featuring an additional layer of intelligence for functionality, such as remote management and automatic adjustments, that provide new avenues for operational savings and higher network utilization.

Hanno Narjus, head of Teleste’s Broadband Networks business unit, states that the start of 1.8 GHz amplifier deployments creates a significant momentum to also usher in a new era of intelligence in North American cable networks.

"As the cable industry is eager to reach out to a new level of network performance and reliability, we have an exceptional momentum to introduce an additional layer of intelligence into the networks that enables cable MSOs to maximize revenue on these network investments. The decision by our Customer to embrace intelligent amplifiers from day one underscores the growing determination of the industry to welcome this opportunity. As the pioneer of the intelligent network technology, Teleste is proud to be at the forefront of this transformation.”

With the continued growth of data consumption and the increasing demand for reliable high-speed broadband services, cable MSOs in North America are under pressure to upgrade their networks to meet evolving consumer expectations. Teleste’s intelligent 1.8 GHz amplifiers not only enable the much needed multigigabit speeds, but also help unlock new levels of service quality and reliability. These improvements are based on the utilization of telemetry that increases operators’ capabilities to prevent and solve possible service issues, maximize service uptime, and ensure consistent connectivity. Hanno Narjus tells that Teleste has been a pioneer in this intelligent technology for over 15 years.

–  “Our journey into network intelligence began in early 2000 when our European operator customers reached out to us, recognizing the need to rethink field-active devices to alleviate manual maintenance burdens. Since then, our focus has been steadfast: incorporating intelligence into our devices across network generations to offer operators solutions to optimize operational efficiency and provide top-tier broadband service. As the industry now transitions to the DOCSIS 4.0 generation, we remain committed to continue this work, empowering our customers to excel in an ever more competitive landscape. With the growing momentum behind network intelligence, we eagerly anticipate collaborating with our customers and industry partners to propel the cable networks into the future.”

Please visit Teleste’s website to learn more about our 1.8 GHz and DOCSIS 4.0 technologies. To explore our offering of intelligent amplifiers for the North American market, please also visit the Teleste Intercept website.

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