Teleste’s 1.8 GHz amplifer awarded in the 2022 Diamond Technology Reviews

TURKU, FINLAND – 9 September 2022 – Teleste, a leading provider of broadband network solutions and related services, announced today that its intelligent 1.8 GHz ICON4300 amplifier was recognised among the best in the industry by the 2022 Broadband Technology Report’s Diamond Technology Reviews. Teleste received the Honoree Score of 4.5 Diamonds out of the 5 possible with the amplifier that is designed for the North American cable broadband market and its requirements.

On behalf of the Broadband Technology Report’s 2022 Diamond Technology Reviews, I would like to congratulate Teleste on their 4.5 Diamonds honoree status,” said Broadband Technology Report’s Editorial Director, Stephen Hardy. “This program recognizes and rewards the top products and solutions available to the broadband cable industry. We appreciate all entries we receive though not all were honored with 3.5 Diamonds or above.”

The ICON4300 is a new-generation intelligent system amplifier that stands out as a future-proof choice in the network evolution towards DOCSIS® 4.0. The amplifier provides operators a logical step of upgrading coaxial systems to a 1.8 GHz design.

“We at Teleste are very proud to receive this recognition for our ICON4300 amplifier, and I would like to thank Broadband Technology Report and the judges on behalf of our entire team,” stated Hanno Narjus, Head of Teleste’s Networks business – “The cable industry has been talking about 10G services on many fronts, and with the 1.8 GHz technology the promises are now starting to take shape. For operators, the question is of course about the multi-gigabit speeds, but also about utilising technological innovations such as native intelligence to add operational efficiency in the entire broadband infrastructure and eventually improve customer experience.”

With native intelligence, the ICON4300 offers several features that warrant reliable, uninterrupted services under all circumstances. The amplifier can, for example, automatically recognise changeable diplexers and perform the needed alignments precisely and quickly during the installation.

After the installation, the intelligent features take care of adjusting the electrically controlled gain and slope settings to secure robust downstream and upstream performance even when the attenuation of coaxial cables changes due to outdoor temperature flux. Any anomalies in the downstream and upstream band can also be detected, and the ingress entering the network from, e.g., faulty outlets or connectors, can be controlled both automatically and manually while remote access to the amplifier ensures that no maintenance visits are needed to perform the necessary operations.

Along with supporting 1.8 GHz frequencies and future DOCSIS 4.0 rollouts, the ICON4300 is well fitted for lower frequency networks. In such cases, Teleste’s award-winning Power Save technology enables its lower power consumption, and operators can benefit from its high frequency capacity later when the time is right to realise the full potential of the 1.8 GHz networks.

For more information about the ICON4300 amplifier, please visit our website. For North American cable broadband markets, ICON4300 is available through Teleste Intercept.

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