Season's greetings and warm wishes for 2021!


Dear Colleague and Friend,

When looking back at 2020, we may remember this year as the year of social responsibility. As the world has been struggling against the COVID-19 pandemic the times have been tough for many. Despite personal hardship, millions of people have joined forces to protect others from the pandemic and it keep the societies and businesses up and running as best they can. As the new year is soon upon us, this support and care will warm our hearts and help us on the way forward.

We at Teleste are working daily with technologies. Our solutions help broadband networks keep up with the intense capacity demand created by millions of people staying connected also in the times of social distancing. For public transport and public spaces, our innovations provide new ways to keep people safe and secure future journeys. We promise to work hard to bring our ideas into existence and put them into practice for a smart, safe and smooth future. Please join us on the mission in 2021.

Following our tradition, we have donated the money reserved for Christmas cards to UNICEF to provide schools in the poorest areas with tools such as loudspeakers and radios that will help children continue learning and reimagine their future even during the pandemic.

Season’s greetings and warmest wishes for the new year to you and your loved ones,

Teleste Team