Video security and information

Our video security and information offering covers comprehensive applications for transmission, recording and management of video as well as information solutions. Our applications support seamless integration to other sub-systems such as traffic control, alarm and crisis management. As a leading provider in our field, we are a trusted partner for many major operators in various public transportation and security segments.

We offer a complete set of solutions and products for on-board, stations and wireless data transmission between these two.

Our solutions ensure good operational workflow and enhanced level of preparedness for systems in e.g. roads, tunnels, ports and terminals.

Our city transport solution help you create passenger services that attract today’s urban travellers.

Our solutions guarantee real-time security and process control in complex airport systems with multiple stakeholders and operators.

We offer solutions for e.g. improved situational awareness, rapid detection and fast access to live video as well as evidential data.

Reliable, tailored solutions with advanced features for e.g. video content analytics.

Our scalable system guarentees advanced integration, 24/7 operation and functions such as real-time monitoring.