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Intelligent broadband amplifier with extended frequency and gain ranges, and integrated electrical controls in both up- and downstream.

Product information


AC3000 is a leading edge amplifier that offers the most advanced features on the market.

Optimal operation with automatic alignment: AC3000 comes with automatic alignment system that ensures its optimal operation. The system replaces conventional mechanical plug-in module adjustments and laborious control of parameters, and takes  care of optimized SNR performance of both signal directions. ALSC circuits are built-in and they can be activated easily by adding the transponder unit.

Protection against service interruptions: Both signal paths are equipped with universal plug-in slots which are protected against service interruptions with automatic bypass feature.

High gain and independent gain controls: Upstream signal path has many advantages over other products on the market. It has extremely high gain with 2 independent interstage gain controls. Signal levels and unwanted disturbances like CPD or ingress can be monitored even when upstream signal path is cut off with ingress switch.

USB connectivity: The USB service interface enables local control with a PC or PDA. Remote monitoring and control is possible via either CATVisor or HMS protocol.