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Intelligent broadband amplifier that includes two active outputs with individual signal controls.

Product information


AC3200 is an intelligent amplifier with extended frequency and gain ranges and integrated electrical controls in both up- and downstream.

Remote monitoring and automatic alignment system

AC3200 can be remotely monitored and controlled. It includes an automatic alignment system which allows making all adjustments without signal interruptions. The system takes care of optimized SNR performance of both signal directions. ALSC circuits are built-in and they can activated easily by adding the transponder unit. The amplifier can be remotely monitored and controlled, and all adjustments can be made automatically without signal interruptions.

Universal plug with protection for service interruptions

Both signal paths are equipped with a universal plug option. These slots are protected against service interruptions with automatic Non-Stop function.

High gain with gain controls

Upstream signal path has many benefits compared to average products on the market. There is an extremely high gain with output and mid-stage gain controls. Signal level or unwanted disturbances like CPD or ingress can be monitored even in the cases when return channel is switched off.

USB connectivity

The local USB interface enables local control through PDA or laptop. Remote control is possible via either CATVisor or HMS compatible transponder.