Luminato IP multiplexer

The Teleste Luminato IP multiplexer module enables flexible multiplexing of SPTS and MPTS video services and also PSI/SI table streams. The high quality multiplexing module is ideal for an IP headend solutions to create MPTS at the main headend for sending through IP network to remote headends.

Product information

  • DVB TS over UDP/IP or RTP/UDP/IP
  • IP address/UDP port selector for input streams
  • Network dejittering & PCR processing
  • Advanced transport stream processing
  • Support CBR and VBR TS
  • Supports SPTS and MPTS multiplexing
  • Automatic PSI/SI table generation
  • Custom PSI/SI table creation and streaming
  • Dual port streaming
  • MPEG transport stream over UDP/IP and RTP/UDP/IP streaming
  • MPTS passthrough
  • Multiplex IP streaming (VBR or CBR)
  • DVB CSA and AES content protection