AC9100 NEO Remote PHY Ready Node

  • AC9100 NEO, Smart 1.2 GHz node with remote PHY support
    AC9100 NEO, Smart 1.2 GHz node with remote PHY support AC9100 NEO, Smart 1.2 GHz node with remote PHY support
AC9100 NEO is an intelligent, 2 x 4 segmentable node with remote PHY support. It offers high output level (Umax 112 QAM / 114.0 dBµV) and supports 1.2 GHz/204 MHz bandwith. Remote monitoring and control is available with transponder (HMS/CATVisor or DOCSIS).

Product information


A future proof choice

Teleste AC9100 NEO is a DOCSIS® 3.1 capable node with remote PHY support. In addition to being an excellent fibre node it stands out as a future proof choice, in the network evolution process towards distributed access solutions.

Support for remote PHY node upgrade

Single or dual Teleste remote PHY device (RPD) modules can be installed in AC9100 NEO to realize a remote PHY node. Both modules meet CableLabs® specifications to allow interoperability with standards based CCAP core implementations.

High performance

The output amplifier stages are based on high performance 1.2 GHz GaN HEMT hybrids, which ensures highest possible signal quality and high output level.

Flexible backup operations

AC9100 NEO is based on fixed platform but responds to diverse requirements. The node supports up to four optical transmitters and dual power supplies. The two fixed optical receivers can act as 2 independent nodes or in 1+1 backup operation.

The 4 independent return path inputs are connected to optical transmitters via an electrically configurable routing matrix which allows flexible backup operation.

Automatic alignment

AC9100 NEO can be equipped with a transponder module, which allows full remote monitoring and control of all node parameters. The transponder unit measures the forward and return path signal levels and enables the automatic downstream and upstream alignment function.