CX3 Amplifier

  • The CX3 is a compact dual output amplifier.
    CX3 Amplifier | Teleste The CX3 is a compact dual output amplifier.
The CX3 is a compact dual output amplifier with forward gain up to 43 dB. Based on the latest GaN amplifier technology, the CX3 offers high output level (Umax 110.0 dBμV, 138 channels) and wide gain range, both helpful when networks take the next step and become DOCSIS 3.1 compliant.

Product information


Simple and reliable

Designed quality and robustness in mind, the CX3 not only provides reliable performance, but also ensures great usability through a local user interface. All this comes in a compact format, making the CX3 a great all-around amplifier for modern bidirectional networks, in which cost efficiency and easy installation are prime concerns.

Smooth migration

The new CX3 amplifier offers operators a smooth migration path to DOCSIS 3.1-compliant technologies. It can be used in 860 MHz / 1 GHz / 1.2 GHz networks while the return path supports frequencies up to 65 MHz, 85 MHz and 204 MHz.

Local user interface

The CX3 has a local user interface consisting of a four digit 7-segment display and three push buttons.