ICON9000 Remote PHY Node

ICON9000 Remote PHY Node
ICON9000 Remote PHY Node

The ICON9000 RPD is an intelligent 1x2x4 remote PHY node for North American cable broadband markets. It stands up to future bandwidth needs with 1.2 GHz downstream frequency band and a unique flexible upstream solution that natively supports 204 MHz or alternatively can be upgraded to 204 MHz. The node is equipped with a remote PHY device (RPD) module.

Features at a glance:

  • The node is equipped either with 1×1 or 1×2 Teleste remote PHY modules.
  • Visibility over the entire frequency domain via transponder
  • Automatic alignment for ensuring optimal device settings
  • Power save (saWe) technology allows cutting down power consumption by 30%
  • Remote Ingress Switching (RIS) isolates network upstream problems, especially ingress and CPD that enter a network via loose connections
  • Configuration can be done via optional BT connection
An interior view of ICON9000 Remote PHY Node.
Easy management even on the site
Integrated fiber compartment
High reliability
Remote PHY Device (RPD) modules

For North American market

Our ICON nodes and amplifiers are available in North America through Teleste Intercept. Follow the link to contact our representative and find more information.

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Teleste offers a variety of accessories including both active and passive modules and power solutions. The accessories are designed and tested for Teleste broadband equipment. Find the products that suit you and get more of your network.

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