AC9100 NEO Remote PHY Ready Node

AC9100 NEO Node
AC9100 NEO Node

The AC9100 NEO is a DOCSIS® 3.1 capable node. The node supports Remote PHY upgrade with a separate RPD lid. RF overlay is possible for both signal directions in RPD operation. In addition to being an excellent fibre node, it stands out as a future proof choice, in the network evolution process towards distributed access solutions. In addition to being an excellent fibre node, it stands out as a future proof choice, in the network evolution process towards distributed access solutions.

The AC9100 NEO is an intelligent, 2 x 4 segmentable node with remote PHY support. It offers high output level (Umax 112 QAM / 114.0 dBµV) and supports 1.2 GHz/204 MHz bandwith. Remote monitoring and control is available with a transponder (HMS/CATVisor or DOCSIS).

Features at a glance:

  • Optional RPD module with RF overlay support.
  • 1.2 GHz GaN HEMT technology
  • Return path supports 204 MHz bandwidth
  • Innovative splice organizing
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Digital return path option
  • Automatic alignment of both forward and return path
  • Flexible electrically controlled forward and return path signal routing
  • With AC6992/AC6981 transponder plug-in:
    • CATVisor / HMS (AC6992) or DOCSIS (AC6981) remote connection
    • ALC with fully user programmable pilots
    • Downstream spectrum analyser
    • Upstream signal quality monitoring with automatic ingress control
    • True plug-and-play with single pushbutton alignment
    • Return path pilot generator

NOTE: This product has reached end-of-life status which means that it may no longer be supported and is not orderable from Teleste.

Removing barriers with RIS
High reliability
Support for remote PHY node upgrade
Always in control
Easy management even on the site
PSU with active power factor correction
Integrated fibre compartment
European style node

Product Specifications

Forward path
Light wavelength
1290…1610 nm
Optical input power range
-8…0 dBm
Frequency range
85…1218 MHz
Return loss
18 dB
Gain limited output level (analoque RX)
2 x 119 dBµV/4 x 115 dBµV
Gain limited output level (RPD)
2 x 116 dBµV/4 x 112 dBµV
Input gain control
0…-26 dB
Interstage gain control
0…-15 dB
Slope control
0…20 dB
Isolation between DS paths
> 60 dB
±0.5 dB
Group delay
2 ns
Test point
-20 dB
Transponder connection
-24 dB
Noise current density
6.0 pA / √Hz
Umax (112 QAM channels) @ 1 GHz
114.0 dBµV
Umax (138 QAM channels) @ 1.2 GHz
111.5 dBµV
CTB 41 channels
119.0 dBµV
CSO 41 channels
119.0 dBµV
Return path
Frequency range
5…204 MHz
Return loss
18 dB
±0.5 dB
Ingress switching
0 / -6 / < -45 dB
Input level
57.0 dBµV
OMI adjustment
0…-22 dB
-5 dB
Transponder connection
-38 dB
Isolation between US paths
> 55 dB
Remote PHY module (see separate AC6440 specification sheet)
Downstream SC-QAM channels
120 channels, 108…1006 MHz
Downstream OFDM channels
6 channels, 108…1218 MHz
Modulation up to 16k QAM
Number of upstream segments
Upstream SC-QAM channels
12 channels per segment, 5…85 MHz
Upstream OFDMA channels
2 channels per segment, 5…204 MHz,
Modulation up to 4k QAM
Number of OOB channels
3 per segment
Uplink interfaces
2 x 10 GigE interface, SFP+ module slot
CableLabs Remote PHY specification
Power consumption
56 W (no RPD) / 84 W (with RPD)
Supply voltage
27…65 VAC
Maximum current feed through
12.0 A / port
Hum modulation
70 dB
Optical connectors
SC/APC, E-2000
Output connectors
Test point connectors
F female
Dimensions (h x w x d)
360 mm x 350 mm x 190 mm (with RPD)
360 mm x 350 mm x 140 mm (no RPD)
13 kg (with RPD) / 10 kg (no RPD)
Operating temperature
-40…+60 °C
Class of enclosure
IP 54
4 kV
6 kV (EN 60728-3)
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