We are looking forward to meet you at ANGA COM DIGITAL, the online event and conference taking place 8-10 June.

We invite you to connect with us at ANGA COM DIGITAL!

This year ANGA COM will take place on a digital event platform 8 - 10 June. The three-day event will offer online visitors with virtual conference programme, opportunities for networking and digital showrooms where you will be able to meet exhibitors online and see their offering in more detail.

What is your middlegame strategy to 10G services?

As an operator, your opening might have been a distributed access rollout but the middlegame strategy defines your endgame, whether it is full FTTH, DOCSIS 4.0, or the golden mean.

Numerous strategical options are capable of delivering multi-gigabit broadband speeds and keeping up with consumers' demand for faster and higher capacity Internet. We have already wittnessed the impact of digitalisation to the demand of services when a year ago millions of people suddenly started to keep connected and run much of their daily activities remotely due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

During ANGA COM 2021 we will highlight the importance of practical considerations on technology alternatives, their possibilities and limitations when planning for your best play to the future. With the right moves and strategy, network transformation will be on your stronger side.

Our speakers on ANGA COM live stream

Please check ANGA COM website for the comprehensive conference agenda and registration.

Migrating to DOCSIS 4.0 without migraine
Hanno Narjus, Head of Teleste’s Networks business unit

Migrating to DOCSIS 4.0, or even thinking of it, may cause you a headache. Deciding if the network spectrum should be extended, weighing benefits of Remote PHY and MACPHY alternatives and pondering the virtualization of some functions, may confuse. Especially, if all possible combinations are considered. However, some combinations make more sense. In his speech, Hanno Narjus offers painkillers by suggesting to jettison some combinations that have only small chance of becoming mainstream solutions.

1.8 GHz - Hunting the last bits
Rami Kimari, Vice President of HFC Products

10G has become the cable industry’s promise towards consumers, and a marketing tool against full fibre and wireless alternatives. Naturally, the industry is studying how future networks could reach speeds that make at least marketers happy. However, the target may have led companies to look for access network alternatives forgetting one of the biggest strengths of cable industry, pragmatism. We claim that a delicate balance between promises and pragmatism can be reached when cable operators move towards 1.8 GHz access networks.

Broadcast Television over DAA –implementation insights
Julius Tikkanen, Vice President of Video Service Platforms

Cable industry expects the full IP delivery to replace the traditional RF-based broadcast television. Nevertheless, the transition from the current RF and OTT hybrid offering to the full IP will take years, in most countries even a decade is not enough due to the existing legacy implementations systems. While underlying networks are shifting towards distributed architectures, cable operators are expected to deliver linear broadcast television services 24/7 at the same time. We present how top-notch operators are building video headends that meet existing and future needs at the same time when distributed access architecture rollouts take place.

As a gold partner of the event, we are enthusiastic about this new opportunity to connect with our friends and industry colleagues so please save the date and follow us for updates!