FAQ: Exploring innovative e-paper display solutions

Below you can find answers to some of the questions our customers most commonly ask related to our e-paper displays. We hope they help you increase understanding of the displays and their adaptability to stations, platforms and stops at diverse locations and even off-grid environments.

1) What makes Teleste’s e-paper displays stand out in outdoor environments?

E-paper displays excel in outdoor environments due to their durability, readability under direct sunlight, and versatile power options, including solar and battery.

2) How does Teleste enhance its e-paper displays for outdoor use?

A: Our e-paper displays are equipped with IP67 & IK08 enclosures for superior protection. Crafted from durable materials like aluminium and sheet metal, these displays offer exceptional durability and resilience.

3) What kind of battery life do Teleste’s e-paper displays have?

Equipped with state-of-the-art powering technology from Papercast, the battery life of our e-paper displays can last as long as five years.

4) Do these e-paper displays support full-coloured content? How about images, can you share them as well?

Our e-paper displays are designed for high readability, allowing operators to share both images and full-coloured content.

5) What customization options are available for e-paper displays?

Customers can personalize their e-paper displays with custom enclosure colours, logos, and optional anti-graffiti coatings. Mounting options include pole, flat surface, or custom square poles, providing flexibility in installation.

6) How is accessibility ensured with these e-paper displays?

We prioritize accessibility by offering Text-to-Speech functionality with a range of voices and language options. This feature ensures that information displayed on e-paper displays is accessible to all audiences, including those with visual impairments, thus promoting inclusivity in public communication.

7) Can e-paper displays be integrated with other display technologies?

Yes, e-paper displays seamlessly integrate with other technologies like TFT LCD, LED, and RGB LED, offering versatility in display setups and configurations.

8) Can e-paper displays be used for indoor applications as well?

While e-paper displays excel in outdoor environments, they can also be used for indoor applications where low-power, high-visibility displays are required, such as in retail environments or public transportation hubs.

9) How does the content management system enhance user experience?

The content management system enables operators to effortlessly share graphical information and API integration for incorporating custom content sources. Additionally, the widget library offers customizable content apps for diverse needs.

10) How does Teleste ensure customer satisfaction with its e-paper displays?

We prioritize customer satisfaction by offering customizable solutions, reliable performance, and ongoing support to meet specific needs and enhance engagement effectively.

11) How does Teleste contribute to sustainability with its display solutions?

Teleste promotes sustainability by offering energy-efficient display solutions powered by solar and battery options. Additionally, the durability and longevity of its displays reduce the need for frequent replacements, further minimizing environmental impact.

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