Solving customer needs with innovative FTTx solutions

Teleste is greatly experienced in understanding customer needs, designing & delivering tailor-made solutions to meet their requirements. Whether it is In-home connectivity needs, customer premise entry points, MDU distribution challenges or customer drop solution requirements for underground & overhead networks, we design & deliver products quickly and cost-effectively using our FTTx Innovation cycle.

For a customer in the UK, SCCIAlphatrack, we have designed and delivered multiple products for various parts of the FTTx infrastructure solution they needed.

Teleste have listened to our requirements and designed & delivered the products we require for our 4fibre solution. They are always responsive and adaptable to our needs and are a pleasure to work with.

Steve Chesterman, Operations Director SCCIAlphatrack Ltd

SCCI Alphatrack are one of the UK’s leading digital TV solution and Fire/Life Safety system providers and have delivered projects to the value over £25 million and are currently deploying full fibre solutions for G Network, Community Fibre, Virgin Media, APFN, 4th Utility, F&W, City Fibre & Toob, aiding these businesses in supporting the UK Government’s next steps in its £5 billion strategy to deliver next generation, gigabit-capable broadband to the entire country.

Services offered include FTTH design, install, commission and maintain, FTTH MDU build, MDU DOCSIS / IRS upgrades, Physical Infrastructure Access works (PIA), Network planning and Multi Fibre block wiring solutions.

SCCI Alphatrack offers a unique multi-operator solution to customers in the UK called 4Fibre.
This solution provides a full passive FTTx solution of 4 individual fibre connections from the distribution network to the wall outlet at the customer premise; 1 connection per up to 4 network operators.

To achieve this, Teleste team designed & manufacture a complete suite of products tailored around SCCIAlphatrack’s needs using the unique FTTx Innovation Cycle approach.

Starting at the customer premise and covering the product needs back to the distribution network, our team utilised its many years of product design and development to deliver compact and easy to use customer premise entry enclosures, along with MDU fibre distribution enclosures and protective wall boxes.

Additionally, we produced a unique underground solution to house the fibre distribution enclosures required for the SCCI 4fibre solution. Known as UPoC these consist of enclosures mounted on hinged metal lifting frames which can be installed in underground chambers and are particularly suited to areas where above ground street cabinets are not allowed or desired.

By working with the customer to understand and design products to meet their needs, we have delivered unique solutions to allow SCCIAlphatrack to sell, install and maintain their 4fibre solution with confidence.This is where Teleste excels, understanding these operator challenges and providing FTTx solutions to easily and quickly “solving customer needs with innovative FTTx solutions”.

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