Telenor deployed Argus Luminato Manager software

The Swedish TV operator Telenor upgraded its edge QAM platform utilising the Teleste Luminato 4X4 headend in 2021. In 2022, the company deployed the Argus Luminato Manager software to manage the devices.

Telenor Sweden is the second largest provider of Cable TV (CATV) services to the consumer market in Sweden. The company delivers analogue and digital TV services over its CATV networks to around 250,000 households and it targets at providing its subscribers with superior customer experience through seamless bundles of engaging services.

Managing the country-wide edge QAM installations

Proving an excellent broadcast TV experience for consumers is one of the key functionalities of a future-proof edge QAM platform. To hit the mark, Telenor has deployed Teleste’s Luminato 4X4 headends in its nationwide network. Consisting of more than 70 Luminato 4X4 edge QAM stations, the solution provides Telenor with a far-sighted network to freely scale up video services when consumers’ need for channels such as ultra-high definition 4K increases.

In order to keep up with the service demand, the edge QAMs must be effectively configured and seamlessly updated, even after the installation. Typically, carrying out the management operations in the field is a time-consuming task that requires truck journeys from one edge QAM station to another. With the Argus Luminato Manager software, the management operations can be carried out remotely, which makes them considerably faster and cost-efficient. This is further reinforced by the possibility to run mass configurations, also enabled by the software.

Since we started to use the Luminato Manager in production in September 2022, we have noticed that this Argus Server plugin saves us a lot of time when it comes to downloading Luminato 4×4 configurations and uploading new software and licences. Luminato Manager also gives us a much better and quicker overall status/health view of all our Luminato 4x4s in operation. Overall, it’s a very handy tool to manage the Luminato 4×4.

Thomas Nordh, Digital Home and TV, Telenor Sverige AB

Argus Luminato Manager software

Argus Luminato Manager is a plugin software module for Teleste’s CATVisor Argus servers. The software has been designed for the management of Teleste Luminato 4X4 headend devices and allows Luminato 4X4 monitoring via SNMP/HMS. In addition, the Luminato WebUI is available directly via Argus.

Seamless batch operations

Argus Luminato Manager enables batch operations using Luminato’s API. This means that, instead of always performing management operations manually, device by device, you can give large, repeated operations to the software, avoid manual mistakes, and free your time for other activities.

Easy configuration management

Configuration management enables running configuration and backup operations and checking the latest performed action. It ensures that accurate configurations are in the devices, and you can track and control the configuration changes.

Flexible software and licence updates

Individual Luminato 4X4 licences can be updated by entering the licence key manually or all licence keys can be imported at once from a csv file. New Luminato 4X4 software files are uploaded to the Argus server where they are available for timely distribution to selected Luminatos.

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Telenor upgraded to the latest edge QAM technology

Telenor, the second biggest Cable TV operator in Sweden, upgraded its edge QAM platform utilising the Teleste Luminato 4X4 headend.

Pictorial link to the CATVisor Argus product.

CATVisor Argus management software

Manage all Teleste’s legacy HFC products and the Luminato 4X4 headend under the same management software.

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Luminato 4X4 digital headend

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