HSL and Teleste collaborate to improve customer experience along Helsinki’s new light rail line

TURKU, FINLAND — October 23, 2023 — Helsingin Seudun Liikenne (HSL) and the technology company Teleste are bringing cutting-edge display technologies to HSL’s new light rail line in Helsinki, Finland, to ensure a seamless and convenient travel experience for passengers. Approximately 150 of Teleste’s information displays have been installed to the stops along the light rail line number 15 to deliver real-time and readily accessible passenger information to users of the line that officially commenced its regular service on October 21.

In facilitating smooth and hassle-free travel, these displays and the information they deliver constitute an indispensable component of a well-operating public transport system. Joona Packalén, Passenger Information Manager at HSL, underscores the pivotal role of collaboration between HSL and Teleste in enhancing passenger experience on the newly launched light rail line 15.

Our new light rail line 15, which commenced operations on October 21, represents a significant leap forward in the evolution of our public transport infrastructure. When it comes to display solutions, our partnership with Teleste has proved invaluable in propelling this development. The display systems positioned at the stops ensure that our customers have access to precise and up-to-date information – a particularly crucial aspect of those traveling on a new line.”

Modern information displays are essential for improving customers’ experience of public transport. They offer real-time, accurate information concerning, for example, departures and arrivals, waiting durations, and potential service disruptions. The meticulously chosen technological solutions guarantee that the information presented is not only readily accessible but also effortlessly readable. Moreover, a text-to-speech function has been incorporated to the displays to enhance accessibility to information, and the requirements of individuals with reduced mobility were taken into careful consideration during the installation work that was carried out by Teleste’s team.

Service Manager Rami Saarelainen from HSL emphasizes the importance of accessibility on the new line. 

“In addition to improving the customer experience, we have paid special attention to accessibility services on the light rail line 15. The cooperation with Teleste has enabled us to provide accessibility solutions that support all customers, including those with reduced mobility.”

Up-to-date and reliable passenger information is paramount for public transport users, as it not only enhances their sense of security but also aids in preventing issues when navigating the transportation network. Jouni Ruottinen, Teleste’s Account Manager for HSL, emphasizes that the design of TFT technology used in the light rail line displays has also considered the demands posed by challenging conditions.

“Modern information displays provide public transport users with seamless access to essential information, eliminating the need to sift through various sources. This makes traveling more convenient and enables passengers to move quickly between stops. In the design of our displays, the key principle is the reliability of the technology, a consideration that extends to both the execution of real-time data transfer and the durability of the displays. They are engineered to withstand heavy rain, blizzards and freezing temperatures.”

Inquiries for more information

Teleste: Mirkka Lamppu, Director of Communications, mirkka.lamppu@teleste.com, +358 2 2605 611
HSL: Joona Packalén, Passenger Information Manager, joona.packalen@hsl.fi, +358 40 5731 283

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