Teleste continues collaboration for Smart City solutions as a part of the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem

Turku, Finland – 7 November 2019 – Teleste continues building key enablers for the smart and safe city in the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem project that has entered its second phase and is moving towards productization and practical piloting of 5G based smart city innovations. With a special focus on the needs for public safety and intelligent public transport, Teleste collaborates with altogether 26 ecosystem partners in the two-year intensive co-development driven by Nokia and coordinated by Spinverse targeting towards the global smart city markets.

The second phase of the ecosystem, LuxTurrim5G+, extends and develops the 5G smart light pole pilot network further, while targeting at a common platform for utilising a wide variety of city data in a reliable and secure way.

The successful development of the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem has integrated together light poles, 5G base station and many types of active devices such as weather and air quality sensors, video cameras, displays and drones, and electric vehicle charging unit, enabling an extensive data base of gathered information. Next, efficient and flexible management of the data is needed to create a common platform for new digital services to emerge and grow”, tells Dr. Jani Väre, Head of Innovations at Teleste.

Teleste brings to the project its long-term experience in software solutions designed for intelligent integration and management of information: for example, the company’s S-AWARE® situational awareness platform enables collecting real-time data information from various subsystems, data sources and sensory inputs to improve effectivity and responsiveness of the entire operational infrastructure.

“Delivering the right information to the right people when they need it is one of the key conditions for meeting the real needs of smart cities. The LuxTurrim5G ecosystem is today in a pole position to build on the high-speed 5G connectivity and create a common platform that will bring versatile new services closer to citizen’s daily experience”, Dr. Väre continues.

LuxTurrim5G+ test environment continues at the edge of smart public mobility

Piloting solutions for smart public mobility continues to thrive at the LuxTurrim5G+ test environment in the Kera area in Espoo, Finland, where Teleste has built three smart and safe bus stops that utilise high-speed 5G connectivity, video monitoring and digital, smart displays to provide the users of public transport with safer and smoother traveling.

The bus stops are based on Teleste’s innovative Connected Zone concept designed to address one of today’s growing everyday challenges: the feeling of unsafety many people experience in public places or when using public transport. The concept allows turning bus stops and other parts of public transport infrastructure into safe zones for the users of the service who can connect to the service via their smart phones. The users can activate the safe zones to launch alarms and contact the security personnel, who, in turn, can respond to possible security situations in real time.

Besides adding to public safety, the bus stops offer new opportunities for sharing information as their smart displays have great potential in the delivery of  up-to-date traffic and travel information as well as advertisement, targeted to the needs of public transport users and other audiences.

“Together, the LuxTurrim5G partners have built a successful collaboration engaging well over hundred enthusiastic experts in various fields to work together for the common goals. This team is ready to face the challenge and take the smart pole network towards its commercialisation”, says Markku Heino from Spinverse, Coordinator of the LuxTurrim5G ecosystem.

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