Teleste to supply passenger information system to Verkehrsregion-Nahverkehr Ems-Jade in Germany

TURKU, FINLAND – 28 February 2023 – Teleste has agreed on the delivery of its passenger information system with Verkehrsregion-Nahverkehr Ems-Jade (VEJ) to the association of municipal public transport authorities in the Ems-Jade region in Germany, comprising the districts of Aurich, Friesland, and Wittmund, as well as the independent cities of Emden, Leer, and Wilhelmshaven. The delivered system will include 179 LED displays for the VEJ bus stops and management software that takes care of the delivery of realtime passenger information to the displays. In addition to this, Teleste will be responsible for installation work and user training during the system implementation in 2023.

Through its dense bus route network, VEJ serves more than 40 million passengers each year. The network comprises almost 300 bus lines mostly in regional transport and thousands of bus stops. Providing an excellent passenger experience with such an extensive network requires special focus on the management of routes and schedules, as well as on the delivery of up-to-date travel information to passengers along the routes. Teleste’s passenger information system gives transport operators excellent tools to achieve this goal: the central software, iqu Hub, allows feeding the network with real-time information and other content while the displays present the information clearly and brightly at bus stops.

Access to real-time travel information helps passengers use public transport in a more reliable, safer and timely manner that underpins their satisfaction with a journey. For this reason, a modern passenger information system is among the most important factors in developing transport services that are able to deliver a great passenger experience and increase ridership,” said Claudio Borrello, head of Teleste’s Public Transport Operators business line.
“With decades of experience in the industry, providing solutions to passengers’ information needs is our core expertise, and we are pleased to work with VEJ to develop the access to information in their bus network. For us, this project is also an opportunity to strengthen our local presence and increase our visibility in the German operator market.”

In addition to the management and delivery of real-time passenger information, Teleste’s iqu Hub software also offers several tools to guarantee reliable operation of the system from checking the status of displays to receiving predefined alerts and notifications of possible interruptions in the operation of the system. Adding significantly to the quality of the entire transit network, these features help the operator ensure seamless flow of information and a connected journey for the passengers even in harsh outdoor conditions. Please visit our website to learn more about the software and our passenger information system.

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