The TEN-FME2-Dx is a unique drop enclosure product family designed to be installed in both underground and overhead applications. Each of the individual fibre customer drop connections are housed within their own unique IP68 chamber. This ensures that each customer connection is isolated from the rest should water enter the chamber through incorrect installation of the customer drop cable. Furthermore standard fibre drop cables and connectors are used and no special tools needed.

Product Specifications

Cable Configuration – Network side – 2 x main cables
OD = 6 – 9 mm
Cable Configuration – Network side – 2 x branch cables
OD = 4 – 6 mm
Cable Configuration – Drop cable side – 4 – 16 x drop cables (depending on model – 4,8,12,16)
OD = 4 – 6 mm
72 splices max.
Enclosure Classification
Application Area
Underground (Manhole; Handhole), Aerial (Pole, Façade)
Note: Download the datasheet to read the full specification and ordering information


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