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3 March 2022

Teleste Oyj – Managers’ Transactions – Tianta Oy

1 March 2022

Teleste Oyj – Managers’ Transactions – Tianta Oy

17 February 2022

Proposal by the Nomination Board for the Composition and Remuneration of the Board of Directors of Teleste Corporation

10 February 2022

Teleste establishes a new share-based long-term incentive program

10 February 2022

Teleste 1-12/2021: Net sales for the financial year on par with the comparison period, full-year adjusted operating result improved, order backlog continued to grow. Component shortages hampered the development of net sales and profit.

3 February 2022

Teleste: Financial statement release 2021 will be published on 10 February – invitation to press briefing

10 January 2022

Teleste strengthens presence in the Italian public transport market through an acquisition

5 January 2022

Alstom has selected Teleste to deliver onboard systems for a large project in Europe

8 December 2021

New case story: Telenor upgraded to the latest edge QAM technology with Teleste Luminato 4X4

2 December 2021

Teleste supplies train door displays to Alstom for the refurbishment of Avanti West Coast Pendolinos

4 November 2021

Teleste 1-9/2021: Adjusted operating result on par with the reference period, net sales decreased, component availability restricted deliveries, strong growth in orders received.

3 November 2021

Teleste appoints Esa Harju as CEO

28 October 2021

Teleste: Interim Report Q3 2021 will be published on 4 November – Invitation to press briefing

18 October 2021

Teleste’s financial reporting and Annual General Meeting in 2022

13 October 2021

Stadler selected Teleste’s on-board solution for the new Tyne and Wear metro trains in the UK

7 October 2021

Teleste introduces new 1.8 GHz amplifiers to the ICON product family

12 August 2021

Teleste Corporation’s Half year financial report 1 January to 30 June 2021: Net sales, adjusted operating result and order backlog increased

5 August 2021

TELESTE: Half Year Financial Report 2021 will be published on 12 August – Invitation to press briefing

22 June 2021

Teleste’s on-board solution selected by Alstom for Marseille’s automated metro in France

17 June 2021

Teleste supplies train displays to Alstom for PRASA in South Africa

15 June 2021

The first pre-commercial version of the smart pole is ready

3 June 2021

Teleste at ANGA COM DIGITAL: Introducing new nodes for distributed access networks

2 June 2021

Kabelplus deployed Teleste’s Remote PHY and video solution in Denmark

18 May 2021

Teleste Oyj – Managers’ Transactions – Tianta Oy