Broadband unites us once again at ANGA COM 2023!

In just a few weeks, ANGA COM 2023 will unite the cable industry under one roof in Cologne, Germany, and we are excited to be part of the experience again! Our team of experts will be on hand to discuss and demonstrate our solutions and technologies, and we are looking to connect with customers, partners, and colleagues from around the globe.

In this article, we will highlight some of our key products and launches at the show, giving you a glimpse of what to expect. Keep reading to learn what our different solutions and technologies have to offer and get ready to join us at Stand C12 in Hall 8, 23-25 May!

Teleste expands and enhances Distributed Access Architecture portfolio

The new DAS RPD SHELF completes our Distributed Access offering, which ranges from the compact DAN3 RPD to the 19″ high-capacity powerhouse called DAS RPD SHELF. The SHELF can host two RPDs, enabling configurations that range from a pair of 1X1 units to a combination of two 2X4 modules. As a result, capacity needs for all installations supporting rack mounting, from large MDUs to regional Headends or Hubs, can now be addressed with our extensive portfolio of interoperable Remote PHY modules that the modular DAS supports.

Our second-generation AC9400 RPD node, in addition to the well-known 1X1 and 1X2 configurations, is now also available in 2X2 and 2X4 line-ups. Thus, operators looking to split upstream into two or four service groups (SG) and downstream into two SGs can do so while enjoying built-in intelligence and optional RF overlay.

In addition to these newcomers, we will showcase the compact DAN3 RPD, which is an optimal choice for fibre-deep environments such as multi-dwelling unit areas. Designed to meet CableLabs® specifications, our entire DAA portfolio ensures multi-vendor interoperability with different Converged Cable Access Platform (CCAP) cores without requiring specialized development or back-office upgrades. We are committed to collaboration, and the gems of our rigorous testing and successful field deployments are available for operators who need substantial broadband capacity today.

HFC gear moves forward

One of our standout highlights at ANGA COM 2023 will be the new AC3080, a 1.8 GHz amplifier concept designed specifically for the European market. Building on the success of our strand-mounted ICON™ series broadband amplifiers, this concept brings the same cutting-edge technology to the street cabinet form factor. Despite being 1.8 GHz capable, the AC3080 is backward compatible with 1.2 GHz networks. The intelligent features are again enhanced, now we offer native intelligence and incorporate new measurements, such as Total Composite Power (TCP).

The CATVisor Argus has been further refined, now supporting batch operations, which enables highly efficient mass configuration of network elements. At ANGA COM, this functionality will be demonstrated alongside our Luminato 4X4 platform. As telemetry and connectivity in cable networks continue to advance in North America, we will bring the benefits of these innovations to our European customers seeking to improve productivity of field operations.

Operators who still prefer traditional network segmentation over distributed access will not be disappointed either. Our headend optics are in excellent condition and will be showcased during the event. While HDO is familiar to everyone in the industry, we also encourage you to explore OFA, which marks the beginning of our XPON journey.

Top-notch passives: optical and 1.8 GHz RF

Our 1.8 GHz indoor and outdoor RF passives are rocking and rolling across Europe as operators are embracing the opportunity to adopt them to proceed with their pragmatic 1.8 GHz plans. These products are compatible with lower bandwidths as well, which allows operators to proceed with network and in-home installations with a 10G mindset already today.

The ANGA COM visitors will be able to discover the complete 1.8 GHz passives range at our stand. For visitors looking for solutions for FttX rollouts, we will showcase our enlighten portfolio of high-quality optical passive components with proven quality, unique design, and wide customisation and pre-assembly options. Many of these products are designed to address our customers’ everyday installation challenges, so they truly can make network build easier, faster, and more flexible. Our team of experts will be happy to tell you about our design approach, so don’t hesitate to stop by at our stand and ask them for more details.

Broadcast continues to unite audiences

The Luminato 4X4 continues its triumph by offering cutting-edge edge QAM that can be utilized as a Video Core and Engine as DAA roll-outs proceed. Right from the start, no shortcuts have been taken in preparing the platform to evolve in tandem with Remote PHY-based distributed access networks. Although the decline of broadcast delivery has been predicted since the first OTT launches, Teleste has continued to deliver an excellent and consistently maintained video headend for operators who unite audiences with broadcast services.

The heart of our Intelligent Networks technology, the CATVisor Argus network management system, has extended its reach to the headend world. With the new Luminato Manager add-on, the system now offers the capability to perform powerful batch operations for Luminato 4X4 digital headend clusters. The new software provides operators with a hands-on tool for the easy management of even country-wide edge QAM installations. Typically, their management has required truck journeys from one edge QAM station to another; now, you can delegate mass operations such as configurations and license upgrades to the Luminato Manager.

A live demonstration of the software will be available during ANGA COM 2023, so come and seize the opportunity to explore it in more detail! Our experts will also be on hand to answer all your questions related to the Luminato 4X4 digital headend and how it meets your current and future requirements for high-quality broadcast TV delivery.

You will also be able to learn more from our experts at the ANGA COM 2023 conference. On Tuesday, 23 May, Hanno Narjus will reveal his latest insights on the cable industry’s 10G transition, and Arttu Purmonen will take the stand on Wednesday, 24 May, to explain why expanding your understanding of how MDUs make decisions will help you accelerate Fibre-to-the-Home connectivity.

As professionals from across the industry gather to exchange knowledge and ideas, ANGA COM will create an excellent venue for discussion and sharing insights. Join us to be a part of the inspiring evolution ahead for the cable industry!

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