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Teleste at ANGA COM 2022: hybrid networks – unity in diversity

The cable industry’s biggest challenge for the 2020’s is the ongoing network transformation. As networks are evolving rapidly on many fronts, operators need to navigate through the maze of technologies and alternative strategies to define their road to a successful future. In the meantime, the demand for more network capacity shows no end, driven by consumers, businesses, and their new bandwidth-hungry applications.

As many of the current industry developments are interconnected, operators need a package of roadmap plans to move simultaneously forward on the many parallel frontiers. To help our customers solve the puzzle, we have packed our offering, expertise, and learnings from previous stages of network evolution together for ANGA COM 2022. Below you can read a brief introduction to the products and technologies on display at our stand C12 in Hall 8, and more from our experts will also be available as part of the ANGA COM conference programme.

Interoperable Distributed Access technology – The momentum is here

In 2021, the cable industry saw commercial deployments of the Distributed Access Architecture (DAA) technology take off, and we are today upscaling the line-up of devices in field with our customers. Our portfolio includes RPDs such as the compact DAN3 and excellent RF overlay-augmented DAN300 and AC9400 DAA nodes. The interoperability of our DAA technology is tested and approved with all major CCAP cores and trusted video cores to ensure safe infrastructure investments for operators.

Leading the way to 10G networks

The strand mounted Teleste ICONTM series broadband amplifiers have taken the lead in the 1.8 GHz market. The high-performance ICON4300 System amplifier and ICON3100 Line extender stand out as a future-proof choice in the evolution towards DOCSIS® 4.0 and they provide operators with a logical step of upgrading networks to a 1.8 GHz epoch. These intelligent devices also enable operators make the most out of their cable infrastructure investments through features such as automatic alignments, electronic controls and our award-winning power save technology.

In addition, our portfolio of 1.8 GHz RF passives is completed allowing operators to take their first steps towards the 10G era already today. Operators can now proceed with network and in-home installations ensuring that each passive element installed is ready for the eventual leap to provide 10 Gbps broadband speeds for the subscribers.

Future-proof broadcast TV services

Amidst the cable infrastructure transition, many operators have had their broadcast television headends running for over a decade, with existing edge QAM platforms now reaching end-of-life. Our Luminato 4X4 digital headend provides them a solution for continue seamless broadcast TV delivery today as well as in future. With its powerful and ultra-dense edge QAM, the platform allows operators to freely scale up their video services, and it also features a built-in video engine and core to support the shift to distributed access architecture.

Optical passives and headend optics for FTTH networks

Our enlighten portfolio comprises of a hand-picked range of high-quality optical passives components that help operators speed up their FTTx rollouts. With their proven reliability, unique design, and wide customisation and pre-assembly options, the products allow operators to simplify home installations, make network build easier and more flexible, and reduce deployment time.

Following the rise of fibre-rich networks, also our headend optics platform has conquered new FTTH markets. Unlike many of its rivals, the platform is continuously maintained, and it can be adopted to versatile narrowcast and broadcast purposes.

Local solutions to global challenges

While consumers’ demand for more broadband speed shows no end, each operator must select a roadmap to future that best meets the needs of their networks and subscribers. We at Teleste are determined to help our customers in the task by offering solutions for versatile network specific requirements. An example of the approach is our range of 1.2 GHz amplifiers, passives and remote PHY devices targeted to German BK-based networks. You are welcome to ask our experts more about them at ANGA COM 2022.

Keeping up with the changing technologies and consumer demand requires careful planning and excellent infrastructure – but it also makes sense to reinforce the ecosystem with services that help meeting network uptime requirements 24/7/365. Grab us by the sleeve at stand C12 and we will tell you more about our Teleste Care support and how it can help you maximise revenue, save costs and improve service quality in your network.

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