Teleste Luminato 4X4

How to solve the present-day challenges in video delivery?

When it comes to the consumption of video and television services, the past few years have undoubtedly been exceptional. It is interesting to see that, despite the increasingly popular IP-based streaming services, the traditional linear TV remains at the core of people’s home experience. In fact, the major part of total TV time is still spent with traditional TV, reported Nielsen in April 2022. Among its greatest attractions are live sporting events and news broadcasts that continue as main drivers for linear TV audiences.

(Article is updated for August 2023)

For operators looking to make their cable subscribers happy, this means that they cannot turn their backs on how to provide top-quality broadcast TV services amidst the changing network technologies. The demand is high for solutions that can do an excellent broadcast TV job today while also securing easy adaptation to Distributed Access networks that are on the rise. Flexibility towards technology changes is becoming a must-have feature of a modern video delivery platform, especially in the future when networks will be upgraded in phases taking several years to complete.

We at Teleste are determined to support our operator customers on the journey with our cutting-edge video headend technology. Our digital headend platform, Luminato 4X4, is designed to cope with both the present-day video delivery challenges as well as an uncertain future. The modular platform provides you with a sustainable solution to versatile video delivery needs and guarantees robust broadcast TV transmission over traditional HFC, FTTX as well as Distributed Access networks.

The Luminato 4X4 platform is used by massive incumbents as well as small operators in need of broadcast-quality video transmission and high capacity. Below you can read more about the farsighted platform and its use cases. You are also welcome to meet our experts at IBC2023, stand 1.D61 to discuss how to:

  • Scale up services with powerful and ultra-dense Edge QAM
  • Broadcast legacy TV over Distributed Access networks
  • Take second-generation terrestrial transmission to cable networks
  • Manage your video headend

Scaling up services with powerful and ultra-dense Edge QAM

With its 192 QAMs, the Luminato 4X4 platform provides one of the most powerful Edge QAMs in the market. It allows you to freely scale up your video services when the need for channels such as high quality 4K increases, and even enables you to manage all the TV channels in one rack unit. Combined with proven, reliable technology and features such as reduced power consumption, this makes the platform an ideal solution for high-performance, future-proof broadcast TV delivery.

Broadcasting legacy TV over Distributed Access networks

The Luminato 4X4 can be used to broadcast television services over Distributed Access networks without expensive and time-consuming video headend and set top box upgrades. The platform can act in a video engine and video core roles, relieving DOCSIS CCAP core capacity for the traditional broadband data while maintaining the superior robustness and manageability of linear video transmission. The Distributed Access networks can be both Remote PHY and Remote MACPHY based and built using Teleste’s or other standard-based Distributed Access products.   

Taking second-generation terrestrial transmission to cable networks

Equipped with an OFDM module, the Luminato 4X4 creates a compact platform for performing OFDM modulation with optional multiplexing of SPTS and MPTS video services and PSI/SI table streams. Its premium class OFDM output is complemented with agile up conversion providing efficient DVB-T and T2 delivery over cable television networks. The OFDM module can be fitted into any of the six Luminato 4X4 module slots and, in accordance with the Luminato system architecture, the transport stream video processing can be performed in the same module. This enables low-cost applications with a partially equipped chassis while performance can be scaled up by adding modules incrementally.

New in video headend management

An elemental feature of the Luminato 4X4 platform is its easy and intuitive user interface and management. Our latest addition on this front is the inclusion of its management tools with the Teleste CATVisor Argus network management software.  The integration provides users of Luminato 4X4 with more advanced features in configuration, backup and license management, software updates and 1+1 backup handling, and it also adds efficiency in batch operations. For those of our customers who already use the Argus software to operate their intelligent Teleste broadband nodes and amplifiers, the integration offers even further opportunities to add efficiency in managing their entire network and service infrastructure.

Traditional broadcast television continues to be an important service for millions of consumers, and it pays off to think of how to secure reliable and high-quality services today, as well as in future. As our Luminato 4X4 customer, you can reinforce your headend operations with Teleste Support that helps you maintain high service quality 24/7/365. Grab us by the sleeve at IBC2023, and we will tell how you can fully benefit of the devices and software licenses that you have invested in.

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